Thursday, January 11, 2007

Procrasti Nation

I live in a state of procrastination. Life is busy here.

I am accomplishing things I've put off for months (like grading that one last paper to replace the incomplete). I watched Pride and Prejudice again (my reward for passing my exams - it took a while to get to this). I quilted a baby blanked for an expected nephew; I watched 49 Up! and Little Miss Sunshine, and I've found lots of new music at the public library that I have to borrow, now.

My research is progressing too. I've read secondary sources I had been putting off for months. KFR led me to the mother load of primary sources,* so I've carefully combed through this and found lots of new evidence. I even run off to the college library to read "just one more article."

None of this is writing my paper. After four months of "self-direction," I actually have a deadline to meet. I've been amazed at how quickly and easily my time-honed skills of procrastination have come back to me.

And the pressure of that pending deadline is not yet high enough to crack me. And, so, here I sit commenting on life in Procrasti Nation.

*Props to KFR for this!

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Rachel said...

for some of us, the threat of an impending deadline is the most important motivating factor. We can't all be like Chris... I was pretty darn happy once when I was within one week of his work (but that was because ILL had screwed up and hadn't sent him his book yet) - then I found out that he had actually finished reading the book for the week after - AND finished writing the reaction paper. geez.