Thursday, July 12, 2007

Up and away

Oklahoma - we're half-way through the road trip. I was surprised (and impressed) that the mapquest map of our move has to use almost the entire continent in order to get it all in. Oh look, there's Santo Domingo; and look, there's Prince Rupert; and, oh, there's our route in the middle.

The distance between points A and D is about 2390 miles - with requisite stops at points B and C for good food (Oklahoma is not one of these stops). Apparently the average American moves every 5.2 years. My average is 12 months. I don't know how far the average American moves but I move an average of 1532 miles.

The stop in Oklahoma (where I said "hi" for E) was in a small town where all the local restaurants served calf fries (where I come from, we call these Rocky Mountain oysters). I was surprised by their popularity but passed on sampling them. We did dine at the Old Glory Cafe which was advertised as "not health food. This food sticks to your ribs and other places." I really enjoy exploring local establishments and our fried catfish was good. I couldn't help but marvel at the menu; it was heavy and fatty (even the salad was piled with cheese). This reveals a lot about middle America.

**I want to extend my congratulations to Cabiria who is now Professor C!

Friday, July 6, 2007


Over the past week, I have realized how much I hate to move. This process is slow, inconvenient, and exhausting. It has made me temporarily homeless, and I am developing an aversion to restaurant food.

Here's the requested picture of boxes for E.

Before we could get to this point, though, we had to get past the backhoe. At the last possible moment, the city decided to dig up the street in front of our house (because of a broken water main).
So, the moving cubes/pods we arranged to have delivered had to go down the street a bit.
This last minute change of plans didn't stop us. Everything is now packed and on its way. Half of this unenviable task is done.