Thursday, January 18, 2007

heat wave

Despite appearances, we enjoyed a heat wave in the past day.

Someone came over to check the temperature in our house (the new downstairs tenant complained that it was too cold) and we discovered that the house was about 4-5 degrees colder than what the thermostat said it was.

I turned the heat up four degrees and we were amazed at how warm 64 felt! In fact, it was too warm and I've adjusted the thermostat again.

This is what we get for renting an old house (1879!). The thermostat itself is at least 30 years old (as is its wiring), so its a little off. The doors and windows all have gaps - which created a huge heat exchange. I installed weatherstripping and covered almost all the windows with plastic (and I know its working - somewhat - because when the sun goes down the plastic balloons out around the windows). Now, I know why states like this are energy-consumption criminals - it all goes out the window.

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