Thursday, July 31, 2008

news roll...

I can't decide if I'm glad we weren't at home for Tuesday's earthquake or not. It was the biggest quake since 1994, so I'm pleased to have avoided the experience. But now I wish I were home for the clean-up. I have visions of disaster awaiting us at the end of our long drive (perhaps made worse by its want for attention).

On a more light-hearted side, I received this link today. (These innovative young entrepreneurs are relatives of mine.) Who knew hell's angels were kool-aid junkies?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


We are almost at the end of our Montana sojourn. In a few short days, we'll reluctantly head back to the land-of-endless-summer. In my book, this month has been the best of our summer.

Young S has enjoyed countless days with her grandparents and her aunt - as well as their dog (who may have been the highlight of her stay). R and I retreated to our temporary office to work. And I learned how to write for a straight eight hours. (well, I did stop for lunch.)

Funny, I longed to get away from this place when I was a teen. But I've discovered that Hometown has some redeeming qualities (apart from the presence of family). Not the least of these is the "knowledge factor" - I seem to know someone wherever I go. This is particularly comforting when it comes to young S. Here, I was able to find great kid things for her to do on her summer vacation. She went to two camps, had swimming lessons and was in two parades in the past month, among other things. And I knew a "someone" (usually, more than one) in charge of each of those events. We'll all have to readjust to more limited activities, limited work time, a smaller social pool, no backyard, no pets, and no grandparents as the remainder of summer dwindles away. Regardless, our summer sojourn was well worth it.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


We made it to Montana! It took four days of driving but was well worth it.

Here's the view from the front door (with kiddie pool and tipi):
(The OC has nothing on this.)

More to come....