Monday, January 22, 2007


Mushy or hazy - that accurately describes my state of mind right now.

I am off and away with the writing of my paper but I certainly seem to be spinning my wheels and going no where - because of the mush. It takes so long to make sense of this material, and I've written pages and pages of introduction (in fact, at this point, about 90% of the essay is introduction).

I think this haze is the effect of isolation. If I had been working in my office where I could break for coffee or lunch and hash out these ideas with colleagues, I think I would be working much more efficiently. I don't offer this in the way of an excuse, rather as a warning - keep to your community as long as you can, it is comforting and helpful in so many ways.

Now, back to my Gordian knot.


kungfuramone said...

See, ultimately the enabling couch INCREASED productivity!

another kind of nerd said...

Huzzah! Enabling couches increase production!

Rachel said...

i always secretly suspected it. :)

Matto said...

I'll toast to that!

Cabiria said...

Yeah, the couch just doesn't work as well without you all. Now it's more just a couch with random undergrads on it.