Saturday, September 25, 2010

A deep and abiding mysogeny

Truth be told, I became the parent of a tiny little baby a couple of months ago. My little one is of the xx persuasion and I have a not-so-little one of the xx persuasion as well. They are both awesome. They are darling and smart and make me laugh; I love them dearly. I am so pleased that my sweetie and I decided to bring them into our lives. So, I've been really annoyed by how many people don't share our joy because there isn't a y chromosome among the two of them.

To wit: when the banker, who was admiring the little one, found out the older one is also a girl, she demanded "are you going to try for a boy?"

Part two: well-meaning fellow who keeps our rental in running order explained that he loves his sweet daughters, but really wants a son. Then explained that a medical service will, for a fee, increase the change of getting the desired gender.

My sweetie has to remind me that not everyone understands gender is not limiting and parents can do everything that they want to with any child (from lizard hunts to dress ups).

I'm still annoyed, though, by these people who insinuate that I should be dissatisfied.