Sunday, March 18, 2007


Spring is becoming an increasingly appealing season. Like E, I have always been a big fan of autumn. After the winter we've suffered here, I can see the appeal of Spring. I certainly have a better understanding of why it is so popular.

In fact, after eight weeks (or more) of really cold weather - included more than 30 inches of snow, sub-zero temperatures that lasted for days, and exactly six school-closing "snow" days, we thought the end was at hand. Last Monday and Tuesday the weather was blissfully warm. Tuesday reached 70 degrees. Then, Wednesday produced an ice storm (that is, one inch of ice pellets) followed by snow on Thursday and Friday and a below-freezing climate for the entire weekend. As it turns out, the early part of the week was only a wicked and deceitful trick on the part of the weather gods.

Sadly, I wasn't the only one fooled. I think (and hope) the spring flowers that appeared all around our house will make it through to the rain predicted for later this week.

I've decided the best revenge is to start packing!

(Addendum to previous post: We got S some new books - (Dahl's) The Enormous Crocodile and Charlotte's Web. She's really enjoying the latter and has already inquired about the end of the story. She didn't like the answer we gave and is lobbying for a revision.)


Rachel said...

ooh! I LOVED Charlotte's Web. I, too, was deeply disappointed by Charlotte's passing, until my mom had a long talk with me about how everything has to die and the important thing is how we live and so on. Anyway, GREAT choice. :)

Rachel said...

Did the snow thing today, too. On the train, I saw a tree with lots of pretty pink blossoms covered in snow. :) Pretty sweet.

Matto said...

Hi V. What area did you do your interpretive work with the Forest Service at? I can't remember off the top of my head, but I do recall a story about a gun that was taller than you.