Monday, April 2, 2007

end game

I survived Spring Break - that is, S's spring break.

The school-that-closes-for-no-apparent-reason closed last week, this time for Spring Break. Her "break" came, of course, after the two-week break R had. So, S and I entertained each other. As it turns out, she has no interest in the Congressional Record or 1930's community newspapers. I, reluctantly, gave up training her as a research assistant. (Maybe I'll try again when she turns five... .) Instead, we molded clay figures, made a pillow, and played Wizard of Oz games. And she ended the week by going to college. I got to leave for the OAH meeting (yeah!), so S went to school with her dad where she, in her words, she was excited to "meet his students." In the end, we both capped off the week on a high note. I had a great time seeing all of you Eugene people! Next time, I'll make it as far as Oregon.

(By the way, my cold is abating and my voice is making a great come-back. Today it was so much improved that I sounded like a teen-age boy at puberty who can't control his pitch.)

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Cabiria said...

Great to see you too! Glad your voice is starting to return, though it didn't stop me from grilling you on Asian American history. :)