Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Every once in a while a gem like this one comes along and you just have to share it. (E, I thought you would find this entertaining.)

Yesterday, R showed me this website about Janet Greene. Greene was a 1960s folk singer who recorded with the Christian Anti-Communist Crusade. Had she been a little younger, she definitely would have been a Goldwater baby.

I suggest scrolling down a little to the list of songs - which are available here for our listening pleasure. These are the real "gems;" there is Inch by Inch (I think this one argues that Vietnam was not worth the effort); Fascist Threat (explains how communism and fascism "are twins"); and, my personal favorite because it is sung to the tune of "Jimmie Cracked Corn," Commie Lies. I found the last one the funniest.

(Of course, the humor is dampened somewhat be the fact that Greene, her label, and audiences took her seriously. But not everyone did; so I am joining the amused on-lookers.)

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another kind of nerd said...

V! That's HI-larious! "Commie Lies" is a great one... "But communism is on the rise and satan has a new disguise."