Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fall - the new summer

Here in the land-of-endless-summer we've entered the season of heat, dust, desert winds, and fires. What fun. There are some hidden advantages to a 12-month summer (ok, it only really lasts about 11 months and one week). We get flowers and vegetables at the same time. Funny, everywhere else we've lived the flowering was done by the end of the growing season. But the land-of-endless-summer defies the laws of nature (which goes a long way toward explaining a lot of things around here). So, about a week ago, S. and I headed to the Fullerton Arboretum; it was in full bloom and it was a delight.
The Arboretum is only a few acres but was planned as a vast parking lot.

It features many strange flowers. Sea anemone?
I have no idea what this is but I find it fascinating

(I'm not the only one).

Gourd tunnel
And, to bring us back from a summer daydream, there's a little corner of Fall on display.


Cabiria said...

Beautiful flowers! Almost makes me want to move there. :)

SuperJew said...

Looks like a fabulous fall! I love the gourd tunnel. I'm big on any tunnels made of natural stuff, those are always the coolest to walk through!

Rachel said...

wow.... that's one big, strange flowering thing. Looks like fun!