Friday, September 26, 2008

cere bellum

My brain is staging a revolt. When I sit to write, I feel overwhelmingly tired and I'm having trouble creating coherent ideas. This isn't caused just by sleeplessness; it is also mental fatigue. But I need my brain to put off the revolution for just a bit longer. I think I'm close to wrapping up my chapter. (which is very different from achieving the sense that the chapter is acceptable to send off without apologies. I've realized that I have to give up on such a luxury.) A break from this grind is a great idea, but it won't work until I have some closure. It is always on my mind (to the point that S has begun to disparage by abilities as a lizard-catching assistant). So, a true 'break' has to come with a release from the weight of this albatross. O.k. heading back to the task now (which includes corralling my wayward mind).


kungfuramone said...

Keep the faith, V. You're going to kick its ass.

SuperJew said...

You'll definitely rock it girl. But keep in mind, maybe you can give your mind little breaks, even though you can't afford a big break just yet. Sometimes even just an hour or two away from it, a small distraction, can help you refocus. For me at least, once my mind decides to strike, I have to give it some rest, even if it's just a little, or it won't come back again.