Thursday, August 14, 2008

short list*

I'm on week number two with my new, short haircut and I love it. Some reasons why it is so great:
-no more blanket on my shoulders in the summer heat,
-I have achieved the 5-minute shower,
-use less shampoo (lots less),
-my hair no longer falls down in front of my face (I used to hate that),
-it better suits my mood**: when I'm struggling with a particular section, I can work my hair up straight on end.

-it can stick straight out when I don't want it to,
-more frequent cuts which means this haircut will hold out as long as my budget does.

*This is my take on KFR's list suggestion (from a while back).
**My dad approvingly commented that this cut is a little more "energetic" than the previous version. (That's the effect I had in mind.)

New view:


kungfuramone said...

Shorter hair is *always* the right decision. Nice work, V.

the rambler said...

teaser! we want to see the front!

SuperJew said...

Did I mention how lovely your hair looked at the conference? It's fantastic! Very an academic diva sorta way!

Dolce Vita said...

Thanks all! A short crop is definitely working for me.

(As for other views, my jury is still out on whether or not put me in my blog.)

Rachel said...

shorter hair always makes me feel somehow more energetic, something about the lightness around my head. :) It looks cute from the back. ;)

Cabiria said...