Friday, August 1, 2008

cake, sweet

I happened upon this website - Cake Wrecks - last night and must recommend it. I laughed so hard, I had tears in my eyes. The cakes were funny (see 6/27 and 6/24) and then I started reading the commentary. This is entertaining too (both posts for 7/4, for example). (I'm so curious about the wedding that went with the cake from 6/24 - look at it close-up.) Maybe I should note that I am a huge cake fan - they all look good (except the one from 6/16, that was too much even for me). What a great use for a blog.

Guess who has a half-written conference paper in her lap and absolutely no motivation?


Gustavo said...

You're kind to link to my blog, Gunkist Memories!

Dolce Vita said...

You're welcome, Gustavo. I'm a new transplant to OC and a historian. I appreciate your perspective and enjoy reading your blog.