Monday, April 7, 2008

another new discovery & liquid gold

I think I might be emerging from technological vacuum because I made yet another cool discovery recently. A few days ago, while I was planning my trip to the Huntington, I tried tracking my route on google maps. Have you all discovered the "street view" function? Well, I just caught up. It is fabulous for this car-culture region. I could see what my destination looked like. Ok. So go to google maps and type in "Orlando Rd and S. Allen Ave, San Marino, Ca." Click on street view. Then, make sure to turn your virtual self all the way around. Can you get into the Huntington?

Ok, so at the same time that I think this is awesome for driving (and for walking), I did find it a bit creepy. Do I really want just anyone who can access my address to know exactly where I live - and oh, maybe, what I look like as I sit in my front window? Not at all.

Also, I was interested to see that cities like Portland and Spokane have "street view" but Seattle doesn't? What's up with that?

And, as my totally random closing, I did make my way to the Huntington, but before I could get home I had to purchase some of the most precious liquid gold I've ever burned in my internal-combustion engine. It was $3.80 a gallon! (Ok, it was actually $3.799/gallon.) More important, can anyone beat that? This is an omen, isn't it? The end must surely be in sight.


kungfuramone said...

Google just got sued over street view ('s been en route for some time.)

And, yes, the end is nigh. Doh!

Ann said...

I've googlemapped my address, and it shows a house 3 doors down. So, I googlemapped what a computer might think my actual address would be, and there it was! Very disturbing. Seattle's not on the map, but Potterville, Colorado is (my pseudonymous town)? Strange.

What were you researching at the Huntington? I haven't been there since they built the new research library. I must find an excuse to return soon!

Dolce Vita said...

I hadn't before visited the Huntington - it was spectacular. I went there for a conference , but I'll be returning to use their sources on American agents of colonization (in the Philippines and in California). And, of course, I'll go back to stroll around the gardens.