Sunday, January 20, 2008

too soon to count down?

I know it’s too early to celebrate - but how about to count down?

I’m not doing the snoopy dance. Not yet. I’m only envisioning myself doing the snoopy dance one year from today when the secret service escorts his lame ass* out of the white house forever. Can you see it? I can – and sometimes that image makes me smile.

*you know who I mean - the MADD magazine poster-boy.


Rachel said...

i think i speak for a significant number of people when I say it is never too soon to start counting down to such an auspicious event.

another kind of nerd said...

I think they've actually been making timers doing exactly that for years.

Not too soon. Definitely not.

Cabiria said...

My dad got a Bush countdown calendar for Christmas this year. Which begs the question -- do people who hate him really want to look at his absurd face every month?

Dolce Vita said...

Good question, C. I know I don't, I can't even enjoy the radio news any more. I have to turn him off.