Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Mind-reading can be a good thing. Like most gifts, it should be assessed on the "Fabulous-to-Frightening" scale. This time, I'm going with Fabulous.

How amazing is this: two University of Wisconsin professors read my mind and wrote a book for me. Actually, it's a collection of essay, but, again, I'm sure they did it for me after reading my mind when I was thinking "there is no concise monograph on the different incarnations of aggressive U.S. imperialism and its impact on the state." (Fortunately, they weren't reading my mind when I was thinking 'what can I do with leftover Pho?'") Wasn't this publication nice of them?


SuperJew said...

Oooh, this looks right up my alley too Dolce. Is it early pre-WWII history or does it cover some later stuff too? We gotta chat soon too and set up some more book dates, perhaps we should slot this one onto our list? Laura may enjoy as well.

Dolce Vita said...

It is pre-WWII and focused mostly on the Philippines - with, amazingly, only one essay on Hawaii!! But it is good and I would recommend it for our book list.