Tuesday, January 20, 2009

new year

I'm finally ready to start the new year. I tried to hold off because my albatross of a chapter is still not (yet) written (and my self-imposed deadline was Jan 1), but I can't hold back any longer. The chapter will get done regardless of the date. This realization offers me a new beginning (in that, I can't write a dissertation by force of will; I have to do it patiently and consistently). I'm also not-really trying not to watch the inauguration and parade. Having a new president - and this one, in particular - is a great new beginning. (Did anyone else exhale when the chopper finally took GW away from the Capitol for the last time? We made it.)

And the new year - of the ox - begins on Monday. The ox is supposed to prosper through quiet (perhaps isolated?) and persistent hard work. So, I've decided that the year of the ox will be good for me. My year to wrap things up and move on. And it will lead up to great things during the up-coming year - my year - the Tiger. So, I'm ready now for the year to begin.


kungfuramone said...

I hear that, renegade. May we all roll our respective dissertating boulders up the hill a little further this year.

Rachel said...

i started laughing my head off when i saw it made the Daily's Show's moment of zen. :) Now THAT was sweet. :)

Cabiria said...

I like the idea that the new year is still only a few weeks old rather than a month and change. It feels more like I haven't totally slacked on the dissertation for an entire month. Stupid fellowship applications. Good luck with the chapter!