Tuesday, June 17, 2008

simple delights

My sweetie and I marked our fifth anniversary last weekend. We both took the afternoon off so we could celebrate with lunch for two at an imposing French restaurant down the road. (I had the unexpected and unusual experience of feeling relaxed and carefree for a whole afternoon, undoubtedly helped along by the deceptively rich food and wine.) It was so simple and such a perfect way to celebrate. Realizing this served as a gentle reminded not only of the many simple delights we've shared but of the simple joy of sharing them with my sweet heart!


kungfuramone said...

Congratulations, dude!

I had no way of realizing this until now, but that means that you and R are about a week off from B and I - we're celebrating our fifth this coming weekend! :]

Dolce Vita said...

Hey Congratulations!

(You've noticed too that we'll now share our June-versaries with hundreds of other California couples. Sweet.)