Saturday, November 17, 2007


and. . . . done. Whew.

I finished my grant applications and I got them in. The grants I applied for were all on-line which made it easy to upload my stuff at the last minute (actually I had about 15) instead of finding a printer and then flying off to the post office. The one major drawback to the application process was that they limited my response to some questions by the character - including spaces! I spent far too much time searching for a shorter word, like "study" - or better yet "work" - instead of "dissertation."

One of the applications asked for a "personal narrative" which was pleasantly narcissistic for the first hour. Then, it just became tedious. How may different ways can I say I'm desperate for money - in 2000 characters?

Now that these ap's are in I should take a day off but I can't because I'm tired and when I'm tired I have a hard time managing my anxiety/sleeplessness. So, I still feel an urgency to plug away at another chapter. I hope this next week will break me of the stress/fatigue. There's turkey in store and we've installed window-darkening curtains in the kid's room (she decided that 5:45 - when the sun comes streaming in her window - was a good time to get up for the day, ugh).


kungfuramone said...

Here's what I suggest: 1. trytpophan, 2. lots and lots of red wine, 3. a long november's nap.

Cabiria said...

Congrats on having them in! That in itself is a big accomplishment. I second all of KFR's suggestions. You deserve some naptime!

Dolce Vita said...

I should acknowledge your contribution to this C - you reminded me about one of the grants. Thanks!

Rachel said...

I have come to conclusion that people who are not afflicted by constant anxiety and/or sleeplessness aren't cut out for grad school. How y'all do it is beyond me. Congrats on getting it all in!