Friday, September 14, 2007


Cool things I learned this week:
  • Orange and Los Angeles Counties have a mass transit train network (unfortunately the closest stop to UCLA is 9 miles away).
  • The County of LA Public Library has a huge untapped store of Asian American newspapers from the 1880s to the present (they haven't even cataloged them). I will tap it.
  • An immersion blender can make nearly-perfect whipped-cream in about 3.1 minutes.
  • Hein Online has it all (and just became my favorite source for legal info). It has not only all major law journals but also a complete run of Federal Statutes - all of them, forever. (Previously I had to hunt for a really big law library that had these in print, then drive and drive and drive to get there.)

Other stuff I learned (that wasn't cool):
  • the up-and-coming scholar in the general field of my dissertation did some oral histories some years back. But she won't be sharing those.
  • a full week of kindergarten makes four-year olds very tired (and grumpy).


Trust in Steel said...

Hope your SoCal integration goes well. I'm trying to get organized. Hopefully, I can make it all work. Take care!

SuperJew said...

Hey DV!
I just wanted to let you know I've started blogging. I've linked to your page on mine. I'm not sure how to link to mine but it's on Intemperate Speech if you are interested (it's Smurf This!)
Look forward to getting back in touch more soon!
;) Lauren

Cabiria said...

Hein Online is indeed awesome. But the academic uncooperativeness is a bummer, sorry.