Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I returned from a short, but well-deserved, vacation last week. Some reasons why it was great include:
  • babysitters available 24/7
  • leaving Middleofnowhere
  • grandparents (S's, not mine)
  • new sights (like the Arch, above, and Plaza, below)
  • forgetting momentarily that I don't know how to sleep and sleeping-in on three consecutive mornings (accomplished using the first point above)
  • new and unusual spectacles (like a pre-Vatican II Mass. That was a trip in itself.)
  • going out with R sans child
  • staying out - past midnight - with good friends

One of the more remarkable sights was this one of the Plaza in Kansas City. The historian in me can't help but note that this was the first shopping district planned for automobile traffic. The admirer-of-arts in me enjoys both the Spanish/Moorish-influenced architecture and the notion of planning urban spaces - no box stores here and everyone has to get out of their cars and - gasp! - walk. I enjoyed strolling around the Plaza.

(note the blue-clad child doing some illegal fountain wading.)

The only draw-back to my vacation, now that it is over, is I have only five remaining days to work. School ends for the summer next week and I transition to full-time parenting.


Trust in Steel said...

One of my father's favorite places is the Plaza because he grew up in KC in the 50's. They light it up really well for the winter holidays also. Hope you are doing well!

another kind of nerd said...

V! Tell us how the packing goes. I expect fantastic box photographs (not that the little one in the distance is bad). Either that, or take Ms. S. to multiple fountains for frolicking... R. could probably use some frolicking as well... =]