Monday, February 19, 2007

cold, week deux

Still bitterly cold here. The wind chill gets us well below zero and we've had more snow. The good news is that a heat-wave of 40 degrees is projected for later this week! (Yipee, flooding.)

Middleofnowhere has been somewhat isolating because of the size of the town (and, admittedly, the nature of my work) but this past week has been even more so. No school and so much snow and cold that there is little reason to go outside for long. S and I put our cabin fever to good use (once S recovered from her flu) and made cake. We're both big cake fans, so our late Valentine's day served merely as an excuse for cake - in this case, chocolate cake.

R and I are currently debating the benefits and drawbacks to West Coast versus East Coast living. Any thoughts?


another kind of nerd said...

D.V. - Perhaps one look out your window and comparative whether reports could help you decide which side to live on. And lets be honest, you do loves the Left Coast.

On other topics, your cake (complete with cute heart) make me want to bake. Time to decide what direction that baking tends... brownies, cake, cookies. Such choices.

Rachel said...

west coast is best, of course. :) but still, a coast is a coast, and it's better than the middleofnowhere midwest.

Dolce Vita said...

R - good point about the coast versus Middleofnowhere.

E - go for the cake! It does require more effort but, in my opinion, it is worth it!