Monday, December 4, 2006


The predicted snow finally arrived today. It is thin, powdery and falling steadily. This is supposed to continue for the next five days or so. This weather makes me feel sedate. It is so cold outside (today’s predicted high is 29) that when I finally warm up inside, I feel like I need hot chocolate and a movie (or a craft) not to hunker down over my computer.

Last Friday, S and I went to see the Nutcracker. She watched the whole 2 hours. When we got the last dance – the big finale – she said “this is mellow.” I agreed that the music was mellow and she added, “the dance is mellow too.” That inaugurated our weekend of mellow-ness. We unpacked decorations on Saturday, made popcorn and on Sunday went to a holiday concert. The weekend was capped off with S’s creation of this crown (her artistic genius was sparked by the bows and it came together from there).

I hope you’re all finding mellow moments now that classes are winding down or those paid vacations are approaching. Might I suggest the Nutcracker, holiday decorations, or making a crown to get things on the right track!

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Rachel said...

She's precious! I'm looking forward to my mom and brother visiting. We're going to be very, very Christmas-y. And very mellow. :)