Sunday, November 19, 2006

Peer pressure

I caved to peer pressure.

It wasn't all that difficult to accomplish. My new home/work is incredibly quite. All of my time-tested procrastination tactics were totally ineffective in this new environment. I had to rethink my strategies for frittering away those golden six hours of work-time I get each day (or five days a week).

E. told me start a blog. So, I could say that all of this is her fault. But, truthfully, it took no arm-twisting at all on her part. I gave in pretty easily.

In the spirit of 'revisionism,' I have decided to re-imagine this 'caving in' as simply 'joining the conversation' (something that I hope will save me from quietly falling into an academic myopia).

So, 'Salut' everyone!


another kind of nerd said...

V! My wonderful Montana/Lower Yakima Valley not-related-but-my-mom-knows -so-many-of-your-relatives-we-might- as-well-be friend! I think I scared my housemate with my wild exclamations. Huzzah! for the virtual enabling couch!

Cabiria said...

Yay! So glad you're here -- the office is sad and lonesome without your brilliance.

Matto said...

Hey V! Great to have you in the "conversation."

Rachel said...

We have another one! Glad to see you on!

Esperanza Rossi said...

Hi Veta!

kungfuramone said...

Welcome, V, welcome. Now link to the rest of us, si vous plait. We hunger for links.